Untalkative Bunny

In the Basement Synopsis

This being the first Untalkative Bunny episode I ever watched I am of course totally biased towards singing its praises. As an introduction into the Untalkative Bunny underworld it exposes the novice to many things that you will soon learn are quintessentially Untalkative. Among the most notable are the Untalktivisms, or facial expressions that Untalkative pulls, especially when on the phone. No need for words when feelings wash over your face like the quickened stages of an Asian bird flu epidemic.
Untalkative Bunny is using too many appliances at the same time and, perhaps he shares the same power grid as most of the northern states of America and parts of Canada, the power goes out.
Noteworthy in this episode is the fact that although the automated telephone help explicitly instructs that 'if your power is out press 3', Untalkative Bunny in actual fact presses what would be on any normal phone, the number 5. Viewers can draw two conclusions from this; that Untalkative Bunny perhaps has never received academic training, or rabbits have no head for numbers. Regardless of his confusion, Untalkative still manages to get through to the next stage where instructions are given that he has blown a fuse (the word fuse has to be heard to be believed) and for him to find a switch in the basement, and for him to go give it a good switchin'. Cue the jazz!
Untalkative Bunny's friend Emu seems to be occupying him or herself by making a big pile of compost and putting worms in it. Debate has been started over whether this is to be called 'compost' or a 'worm farm' and the webmasters will perhaps need to confer with an outsider on the exact definitions of either style of gardening. Either way, it is doubtful as to whether this proves that Emu cares for the environment and tends gardens, something that his or her lack of tool-manipulating appendages would make into a difficult job, and in fact it is more likely that Emu grows his or her own worms for later pecking to save regular trips to the worm market, where despite the wonderful variety of worm-types available, it is all too often difficult to park which turns the whole event into a bother.
Untalkative Bunny finds a switch and is unrepentant in his unmitigated waste of electricity.