Untalkative Bunny

Video Game Synopsis

This episode could be seen as a transparent attempt by the makers of Untalkative Bunny to extol to its viewers the virtues of vegetables, fruits and nuts, while pretending eating healthy is fun. The premise is that Untalkative and Squirrel share a video game where in the first two rounds the goal is to collect fruit, vegetables and nuts. Squirrel is adept at finding nuts in computer game parks, while Untalkative Bunny is rather an old hand at locating fruits and vegetables in the digital office environment.
The game is tied at two rounds, when for round three the goal becomes to find the soda! Of course, bunnies and squirrels love soda equally, none more noticeably than the other, and so their doppelganger game characters reach the soda at the same time. Both win!
Although much is unknown about the makers of Untalkative Bunny, three conclusions can be surmised through the close analysis of this episode. One, that there is obviously some big company backing from food and drink related companies, that they believe soda is for all beings equally, and that the makers must have been brought up in the 80s in a time when video games made a nuisance of themselves with noise and blocky pictures.