Untalkative Bunny


Untalkative Bunny is naturally the star of the show. We see his independent style as he capers about the city, but at the same time too he is happily joined, recurrently, with an assortment of personalities. UB is set in a Canadian town whose population includes humans along with our main company of animals, and they mix with not always compatible results. But no matter who UB encounters, we are quietly beguiled by...that bunny.


Untalkative Bunny is a character with a cute sensibility and a silent tongue. He lives in a walk-up apartment and absorbs fragments of modern city living through his companion tv (and radio). UB is impressionable—and surely independently wealthy—and is ready to try a new thing per episode. And when he pops out of his apartment to interact with the world, he never closes his door! UB communicates with his rubber face and gesticulating genius, and is never too far from carrots ice cream.


Squirrel is UB's closest friend. He makes his home in a smartly-renovated tree in the park, and raises a son and daughter as a single parent. Also untalkative, Squirrel joins UB in around-town explorations, sometimes with bemusement (if I know what bemusement means). He is an avid tv viewer, and takes a hobby in awarding medals to UB.


Emu is shifty and maniacal and shirks from responsibility.1 He is UB's upstairs neighbour and pseudo-nemesis, and is also the sole animal character with a (quonking) voice. He is a young curmudgeon, and appreciates piano.

1Yoga Master

Mangoose is shifty and maniacal. He's roommates with a human and is also UB's neighbour. As far as I've watched, Mangoose has made one unsuccessful attempt to eat UB. Looks-wise he might fall under the handsome category of langur, although langurs are herbivorous.


Beaver is not shifty and maniacal. He is the CanCon within the show. Not so much definitively mediocre as a blissful caricature.


The humans that appear in UB are mostly seen at the height of a bunny and so are cut off at the shoulders. They provide the spoken language input of the show and are an especially entertaining treat when UB is on the phone with pre-recorded messages. Otherwise, the human characters are generally misunderstanding of UB and meld into the background.


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Updated 2012 November 29