7 thoughts on “Why hello!”

  1. Thanks so much for this … we are watching UT in order now on you tube. Apparently only season 2 part 1 is vailable to buy … paws crossed till they put more out

  2. Thank you so much for creating this website! I am huge fan of Untalkative Bunny. It still airs on the Cartoon Network in Japan. I can’t wait till they have the full series on DVD!

  3. hello~I’m a twenty-year-old Korean girl.untalkative bunny is my favorite character.I think it’s not just an animation but an art!! The jazz sounds and colorful characters really make a great combination..and you know, bunny is pretty popular in Korea. and I hope to see some bunny-drawn goods.anyway It’s not just an animation for young kids.I can feel modern life wiht great music and wonderful drawings.I love untalkative bunny so so so much~^_^

  4. You people are lucky
    Unfortunately, Untalkative Bunny is no where in sight in the United States

  5. Hi all!,my name is Najwa and im 12 years old from malaysia.I love to watch untalkative bunny.untalkative bunny is the cute bunny cartoon!go bunny puffy!(^ 0 ^)

  6. oh it is so good to see that so many people still think of the bunny, I used to watch it during my teacher training to be in good moods!

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