Untalkative Bunny

Phone a Friend Synopsis

This episode confirms that even with a veritable menagarie of animal friends, Untalkative Bunny is still seeking out new relationships with other species. Alert viewers may also note with curiosity that the tool Untalkative Bunny uses at the beginning of the episode is none other than one that would be used to smooth freshly laid concrete. Although fertile ground for speculation, the webmasters of untalkativebunny.com will not draw any conclusions about whether Untalkative Bunny has alternative employment outside of the Canadian TV business.
Another cute Canadian-accented telephone encounter initiates an episode with news his latest Phone-a-Friend match will be coming around at 4.30 that day; a quick look to the grandfather clock and, why, it's already 4.25! What to do with those 5 minutes? Clean of course! And cue the jazz!
We are given many views of the interior of the dwelling Untalkative Bunny maintains, which suffers as much from violent perspective as it does untidyness. But with only 5 minutes on the clock, now is not the time to apply Berticelli's rules of orthogonals and transversals.
The episode could be of use to anyone who is in engaged in the business of home renovation, with such tips as putting pizza boxes under couches makes rooms seem bigger, bath mats can be used to hide things as well as dry things, and to confirm to those sceptical of things they have been taught that watering plants does indeed keep them alive.
His new friend arrives, and, indeed, it is not a bunny, but a crocodile, whose video advertisement they promptly watch guarantees his days of accidentally confusing the acts of friendly 'wrestling' and 'dying' are over. Lesson learnt, and our bunny protagonist is not one to hold grudges. (Incidentally, to those of you who are thinking of making friends with a crocodile, it is best to cross check their accompanying video with the friend matching company because a certain unscrupulous minority have been known to take advantage of the system).
A quick romp in the fair confirms that donning sunglasses simultaneously is the best way of showing your solidarity, and that happy endings come with a wink.